PRESALE – People’s Monument [Incognito Street]
People’s Monument 1/1 [Incognito Street] Dopium

1/1 Edition Collectible
NFT: Animation MP4

The People’s Monument, built by a small group of rebels who believed in the power of collective action, stands as a powerful symbol of resistance against oppression. It inspires cypherpunks and other freedom fighters worldwide and serves as a hallowed space where true believers gather to pay tribute to its legacy of privacy and freedom.

Used mediums: The original painting was created on a standard a3 paper sized at 297 × 420 mm, using pencils and markers. Additionally, the NFT was created using Photoshop and Premiere.

Original drawing by: Sidarta, 2021.
Animation by: 7th Buddha and Sidarta, 2023.

People’s Monument [Incognito Street] Dopium

BONUS: Still picture PNG-file
(Get this plus much more when buying the NFT MP4)

Created by: Sidarta, 2023.