PRESALE – Sleazy Deals [Washington Ave]
Sleazy Deals 1/1 [Washington Avenue] Dopium

1/1 Edition Collectible
NFT: Animation MP4

1/1 Edition Collectible

From top car salesman to corrupt politician with drug problems, Sleazy Deals is constantly hallucinating under the influence of psilocybin and will do anything to get ahead.

The buyer of this NFT can claim the original artwork created by Sidarta in 2023, which features two 20 SEK banknotes as the canvas. To claim the artwork, simply follow the link provided in the unlockable content, which will be available immediately after the purchase.

Original artwork by: Sidarta, 2023.
Used mediums: Pencils, Photoshop and Premiere.

NFT and Animation by: 7th Buddha & Sidarta, 2023.

Sleazy Deals 1/1 [Washington Avenue] Dopium

BONUS: High Resolution PNG-file (Poster Size 24×24 inch)
(Get this plus much more when buying the NFT MP4)

Created by: Sidarta, 2023.