PRESALE – The Break [Illuminati Square]
The Break 1/1 [Illuminati Square] Dopium

1/1 Edition Collectible
NFT: Animation MP4

“The globe is on fire. War, starvation, corrupted politicians and establishment, terror cells waiting for their orders, a small powerful elite and some rich families running the big global show. The powerful 0,01 percent of the people holding the rest as a hostage.

Where’s the goodness? Where’s our salvation?

What if Jesus is on a break? Finally got tired of humankind? The human race who got too greedy, is all about dollars and who stopped listening to their higher self.

Then why should he even bother?
 Did he decide to finally get a fucking break?
 A nice relaxing smoke?”

Called one of the most controversial paintings. Sold for 450 million dollars.
But was it really Da Vinci who painted it? And who the hell bought it?

Used mediums: Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere.
Created by: 7th Buddha, 2023.

The Break 1/1 [Illuminati Square] Dopium

BONUS: High Resolution PNG
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Created by: 7th Buddha, 2023.